Anime Cliches 28: Deredere

Type: Character Cliché

What made it popular: Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a girl who is head over heels for you?

Cliché Level: Medium

Where can you find it: Utawarerumono (Eruru), Naruto (Hinata), Fate/Stay Night ( Caster to Souchirou), Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Shuffle, Imouto Paradise, To Love Ru (Sairenji Haruna and Momo) etc. Commonly used characters in romance anime as well as hentai.



Deredere girls in anime are characters who are utterly lovestruck with the protagonist and love him deeply, it usually happens as a result of love at first sight, but it can also be developed, as well as triggered by the protagonist’s actions. They are usually counted as active characters, but nowhere as proactive as the Genki Girl or the Tomboy. They tend to combined with the Childhood Friend cliché, which is used to justify their deep affection towards the protagonist.

In comparison with the other Dere types, I would say that DereDere is one of the if not the most normal of them all. They aren’t abusive like the Tsundere nor are they in love to the point of madness like the Yandere. The DereDere is usually a companion and even a friend towards the protagonist from the beginning of the story, but unknown to the protagonist she has feelings for him, which is why she goes to visit him early in the morning, or go cook for him when he gets sick.

The common theme with the majority of DereDere girls is that they never act on their feelings, simply because they are either too shy or because they believe that the protagonist would not respond to them in kind. And even when they actually muster up the courage to confess, it is muffled by the wind, train, or a passing car in the usual shitty application of the missed love confession cliché.

They are generally shy, as DereDere are the typical girls who will get red like a tomato and starts fiddling their thumbs whenever something is implied between them and the protagonist, sometimes they cannot bear the teasing and just runaway at high velocity. Likewise whenever the protagonist does something that can be misunderstood, mostly unintentionally, she enters a similar state but does not run away as frequently, instead she might actually want for the protagonist to continue (only to be disappointed).

Due to their naturally submissive personality, they are one of the most frequently used character types in Hentai.

A rarer type of DereDere is a subcliché that is the inverse of the usual DereDere, meaning that instead of being shy and timid about their feelings, they are completely open about it and way more clingy and affectionate towards the protagonist. Due to the fact that they are still just as deeply in love with the protagonist as the regular DereDere, this frequently leads to various lewd scenarios and fanservice moments, so they are typically used in harem and fanservice anime. For the sake of defining it, I shall call this the Perverted Deredere. An example of such a character is Momo Veila Devilluke from To Love Ru.


Why it’s bad:

While they are one of the least annoying and unusual Dere types, I would say that they are also the most boring. There is nothing more boring and unrealistic than a girl who loves you back no matter what, no questions asked. I get that “love at first sight” happens in real life according to some people, but in entertainment media this is nothing but lazy writing. The writers don’t have to actually develop their relationship and build it up logically, instead they can just go “love at first sight” and be done with it in a lazy and cheap manner. Of course there are DereDere that are actually developed, but those are the minority.

I also dislike it due to the fact that the existence of the DereDere in any anime brings forth a dozen other clichés as you could have seen it above, interrupted love confession and childhood friend cliché are some of the most commonly combined ones with the DereDere cliché. Likewise the comedy and antics become stale and predictable, since almost every show follows the same exact routine when it comes to these characters.

And the Perverted Deredere, while I obviously like her more than the regular Deredere, she only exist for the sake of fanservice in most of the anime they appear in. And it is ruined by the fact that even though she is 100% open about it, the typical anime harem lead never makes the move on her even though it would be perfectly logical to do so. Because most harem main characters are unfortunately Donkan or sexually oblivious protagonists, something which I loathe and believe to be a terrible combination with harems.

Lastly I would like to make the final comment that the typical beta males that are the protagonist of these anime clearly do not deserve either of the two, as they fail to recognize their affections and more often than not, mistreat them.


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