Anime Cliches 9: Donkan/Sexually oblivious protagonist

Type: A Character Cliché that is mostly used to stall and extend harem/ecchi/romance anime

What made it popular: Love Hina, Dating Simulators

Cliche Level: High

Where can you find it: The majority of harem/ecchi shows have this kind of protagonist, but they can also appear in regular romances as well.

Description: These protagonists are basically immune to any sexual advances from the opposite sex, to the point that you would think they are either homo sexual or asexual. They can’t read the atmosphere at all or detect if someone has feelings or attraction towards them even when it’s blatantly obvious to everyone else, sometimes this is so extreme that when the characters finally get together and starting having sex, the protagonist will still doubt if the girl has something for him or not ( Mostly a dating sim example).  They can’t take any hints or implications, and even when they are outright confessed to, they will still have the stupidity to ask for reconfirmation ( Eh? What did you say?), as they are not sure what did the heroine just say, this will often result in the heroine to  blush and run away or simply start pommeling the protagonist out of frustration.


Anime with Donkan Protagonists: Fate Stay Night, Mahou Sensei Negima, To Love Ru etc.

Why it’s bad: It is used in harem and romance series mostly, which rely on you know, people actually having relationship and romances. By making the protagonist sexually oblivious they can keep running these series forever since the character will never fall in love with a girl or choose any of them on his own and it’s an excuse for the women to try more and more obvious techniques on the protag which results in even more fanservice than usual. Well unfortunately it seems to work considering how much people buy this garbage every single season and the fact they are still getting away with it, because the audience is too dumb to realize or care that it’s just shitty cock tease, instead of just watching some goddamn hentai.


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