Anime Cliches 10: Power of Songs

Type: Deus Ex Machina, Marketing Tool, Plot Device

What made it popular: Original Macross, Idol Anime

Cliche Level: Low

Where can you find it: Macross Series, Symphogear, Idol Anime in general.

Description: Self explanatory video: Aimo Aimo


Not many know this, but most of the anime Seiyuu’s/Voice Actors are very proficient in singing and music, to the point that the voice actors also tend to sing/make the op/ending songs of various anime. It is also a relatively unknown fact that many female voice actor are also professional singers/musician or part of various idol groups, just take Mizuki Nana or Aoi Yuuki for example. It was only a matter of time that someone sensed an opportunity to make huge amounts of money. And thus idol anime as a genre was born, which is one of the main genres where this cliché takes place.

Why it’s bad: The Power of Songs cliché is an ass pull just like hidden power or nakama/willpower-up in shounen anime that is used to resolve conflict without needing to think or have good writing skills. It is also mostly just a cheap attempt to promote the songs of the musicians through anime, and earn even more money. Most of the time this Cliché just suddenly shows up and has no explanation whatsoever, which only worsens its status, despite the fact that its one of the more contained and less infectious cliché’s within anime.


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