Anime Cliches 8: The Interrupted/Missed Love Confession

Type: Drama/Tension increasing tool

What made it popular: No concrete idea

Cliche Level: High

Where can you find it: Mainy romance/harem/ecchi series, but even shows that have romance as a subgenre only might have this occasionaly

Description: Imagine if you were a girl on your way to confess your feelings to the person you have a crush on. You just managed to catch at the end of school and stop him by the cherry tree. Time seems to stop as you muster the courage to say the words you heart wants to say. After a few seconds silence, you finally open your mouth and say: I *******************. Only for your heartfelt confession to get muffled by a passing train, truck, car, wind whistling or other similar distractions that either block out your voice or draw away the attention of the love interest. The protagonist then looks back at you with puzzled eyes: “What did you say?” Your heart shrinks with fear and anxiety, you do not have enough courage to say it for the second time, so you simply say: “N-Nothing.”


Welcome to the heroine life in a Romance Anime. As it should be obvious from that short description, Missed Love Confession is a method for increasing drama and tension without actually moving the character development forward, it is a very cheap writing tool in modern anime, and one that is certainly overused. Some shows actually repeat this cliché over a dozen times for no goddamn reason. Also, in a less peaceful anime, this can also be a red flag that the character is going to die soon without having said their feelings.

Why it’s bad: Firstly it’s massively overused, it is not an exaggeration that can find it in every second romance or harem anime. Secondly there is no real purpose to it aside than creating shallow drama without actually doing anything to the characters. Thirdly, it is goddamn frustrating and even annoying. Lastly,  it is also just needless extension of the show when it reached past its climax.


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