Anime cliches 3 : Chibi Tsundere/Shana Clone

Type:Character cliché, Subtype of Modern Tsundere

What made it popular:Shana from Shakugan no Shana

Cliche Level:Medium

Where can you find it:Toradora, Gosick, Yumekui Merry, Zero no Tsukaima etc.



They are usually short, flat chested, teenage girls that are regularly mistaken for actual children due to their small stature, resulting in a napoleon or inferiority complex in them, they are prone to angst about their small height or breast size, usually functioning as a berserk button for them, that causes them to go ‘mad’ whenever someone mentions it.They also tend to have really long hairs usually going below their waist,sometimes in pigtail,the common colors are pink and red. They usually wear Gothic Lolita or similar costumes or their school uniforms commonly paired with a grade A zettai ryouki. Considering that Chibi Tsundere is a sub category of Modern Tsundere, most things that I have said about Modern Tsundere apply to them as well. They are just as if not more violent and abuse towards their love interest like modern ones, they tend to beat them up while uttering a single word over and over again like Urusai Urusai Urusai or Baka Baka Baka, even more frequently than regular Modern Tsundere characters. So needless to say they can become annoying very quickly just like their normal sized counterparts. However sometimes with a rare exception Classic Chibi Tsundere incarnations may also happen, in those cases the superior intellect of the loli tsundere is more outlined and have reduced violent behavior.They also tend to be the main love interest of the protagonist most of the time ,but since their lack of ability to convey their real feelings and the lack of sexual persuasiveness on their part makes it quite hard for them to deal with romantic situations.

Generally romance anime with Chibi Tsundere usually involve, getting over their complexes and problems as well as coming to terms with themselves as well as their own feelings. They are also very frequently happen to be voiced by Rie Kugimiya, the so called “Queen of Tsundere” to the point where half of the characters belonging to this archetype are voiced by her, which honestly just worsens the value of the Archetype. They are also likely to treat their love interest below human level like calling them a dog,slave or a toy(which comes from the fact that it is usual for the chibi tsundere to be a member of a higher race, caste or family).

They may also happen to be big eaters since the originator character, Shana, was also a known big eater. Chibi Tsundere usually tend to imitate the character of Shana, seeing she is the most popular one.Most of them have some signature weapons of sorts Shana has the katana,Lousie has the wand,Aria has the gun and Victorique has a pipe, they frequently use these items to harass the protagonist/love interest whenever they anger her.

Why it’s bad:While they may not be as frequent as the modern tsundere they are much worse considering any of their incarnation is usually the exact same thing as Shana so there is even less variety between the characters than with other Tsundere archetypes ,so people are more likely to become bored of them, even quicker than with modern tsundere. Not to mention that they are all pure loli bait served to bring in the pedophilic audience, which is obvious how all of these characters are usually fanserviced and put into erotic situation whenever possible.


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