Anime Cliches 1 : Ayanami Rei Clones/Dandere Girls

Type:Character cliché

What made it popular:Neon Genesis Evangelion, the titular character, Ayanami Rei

Cliche Level:Extremely High

Where can you find it:Pretty much about 5% of all anime, which doesn’t look like a large number unless you know the fact that there are about 10000+ anime out there with 190-310 anime made each year, so this otherwise small number easily become 500.

Description:Females usually age of 10 to 20 with pale skin, various unnatural eye and hair colour, either fully emotionless or just silent, most of the time they are not human and have a mysterious past which is usually the reason for their lack of apparent emotions, usually becomes more emotional or open as the show progresses and sometimes also makes a possible love interest for the protagonist.

Why it’s bad:Most of the time they are just “sorta there” and serve little purpose in the shows they are in ,so they are more like token characters than actual characters whose sole purpose is to appeal to the dandere fans and bring in the Eva audience not to mention they are probably the most frequently used cliché character archetypes next to the tsundere. Also due to the fact that the archetype is very common, it renders their usual sad back stories moot and obvious. I’m just going to post some pictures of the many Ayanami Rei clones just to get my point across.



One comment on “Anime Cliches 1 : Ayanami Rei Clones/Dandere Girls

  1. Milk Biscuit says:

    This cliche wouldn’t be so fucking egregious if any of the stories using this cliche had half the emotional depth of the show they’re outright stealing from.


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